Griffin is currently seeking authorisation to become a bank with the PRA and the FCA.

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The complete onboarding solution for fintechs

Verify helps fintechs manage risk, automate KYC and KYB checks, and approve the right customers quickly.

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Maximise growth, minimise risk

Make onboarding rigorous, consistent and in line with your regulatory requirements.

Create a seamless user experience

Embed a fast, frictionless onboarding journey directly into your app or platform.

Reduce manual effort and error

Shrink your manual review queue with automated decisions, freeing your team to focus on the cases that matter.

Get set up fast

Integrate in days, not months with our modern API and easy-to-use documentation.

We are thrilled to partner with Griffin to replace manual processes with simple, innovative technology that delivers value to customers. We’re growing fast, and Verify is poised to help us safely and efficiently take on new customers at scale.

Ger Kelly

Head of Banking, Comma

A better experience for you and your customers

How it works

Access pre-integrated data sources

Choose from industry-leading data sources, all fully included with Verify.

Pre-integrated data sources

Define your own workflow

Run only the checks you need, from basic ID&V, to AML, CTF, and anti-fraud. Also screen for sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media matches.

Define your own workflow

Automate your decision-making

Set up instant accept/reject rules and flag high risk cases for manual review. Customise the decision logic so that it fits with your risk appetite.

Automate your decision-making

Easily review high risk cases

All check results are presented in plain language in your dashboard. Invite your team and review high risk cases together.

Easily review high risk cases

Streamline your reporting

Show stakeholders and regulators the rationale behind onboarding decisions with a full audit trail.

Streamline your reporting

The onboarding API your tech team will love

Our modern API uses JSON over REST and is designed to be simple and intuitive. Check out our documentation and our Postman collection to start building today.

DocsPostmanAPI reference
GET /v0/legal-persons
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

  "legal-person-type": "corporation",
  "display-name": "Example Fintech Limited",
  "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:14.631Z",
  "application-status": "accepted",
  "latest-decision": {
      "decision-notes": "No red flags",
      "decision-outcome": "accepted",
      "created-at": "2022-08-31T12:14:59.402Z",
      "decision-maker": "automatic",

Seamless customer onboarding with Verify

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